Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hello Cat 2

Okay, this is a test to see if the jump break requires more text to work with the image.

Much more text. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. No hablo espaƱol. No hablo portugues. Quiero un caballo con quesa. Lots of crazy typing. I should cut and paste like k.wara did. My mother-in-law usually roasts lamb (well done, which is what Italians like, and if you don't like rare lamb, I suggest you try it because I much prefer it the Italian way), but my father-in-law had a hankering for what his Mom used to do, so Graziella stewed it instead. The recipe is very much oral, in the tradition of home recipes, and quantities are rather approximate. To serve about 6 you'll need:

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Manso said...

doesn't still work, :( though thank you for helps.

viti-vino said...


I found a turnaround for this Flash / Jump problem

Use a Flash reader at the place of embed code

the test is here


(message 2009 12 02)

i use this gadget


called within an iframe

Best Regards

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